Affordable landscaping prices in Hamilton

You might think landscaping and gardening services are out of your price range but that's not the case at all. We offer a wide range of prices and services to fit every budget out there. Take a few minutes and browse our catalog of products and services and see what will work best for you. Call us today to discuss your options and to ask us any questions!

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Mulch and grass

We offer our mulch in either bulk and bagged packaging. Mulch producsts include: Hardwood Gold Mulch, Ravenwood mulch (black enhanced), Rosewood mulch (red enhanced), and Sienna Brown (brown Enhanced). We offer grass seed in bulk quantities or in 5, 10, 20 and 50 pound bags.

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Hardwood Mulch
Per bag price:
1-9 - $3.39
10-24 - $3.19
25+ - $2.99
Bulk is $30 per scoop

Enhanced Black, Red, 
and Brown Mulch
Per bag price:
1-9 - $3.99
10-24 - $3.79
25+ - $3.59
Bulk is $30 per scoop

Premium Enhanced Black Mulch
Bulk is $35 per scoop
Per bag price - $2.99
Bulk is $30 per scoop

Crushed Limestone
$30 per scoop

Pine Straw
$9.99 per bale

Wash Gravel #4
$30 per scoop

$20 per scoop

Peat Moss Bale
All seasoned split hardwood:
1/3 cord - $100
2/3 cord - $150
Full cord - $200

Bales of Straw
$7 each

Organic Peat
40 lb. bag - $2.59 each

BAG Products Potting Soil
40 lb. bag - $2.59

Miracle Grow Potting Mix
1 cubic foot bag - $10.99
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